Research & Studies

Research and Studies

At bioMONTR Labs, we believe in nurturing and re-investing in the scientific community.  As a key opinion leader laboratory, we take the opportunity to publish and present the exciting results from many of our assay development efforts.  Summaries are provided below for a few of our recent publications/presentations. Contact us if you are interested in learning more.

  • Validation of eMAG™ for HIV-1 Low Viremia Testing (Presented at 2017 CVS in Savannah, GA) Summary: A presentation of the validation for using the eMAG with bioMONTR Labs' HIV-1 SuperLow assay, a RESEARCH USE ONLY for detection of single copy HIV-1 RNA.   
  • Proof of Concept:  Novel Plasma Separation Cards for HCV/HIV Quantification (Presented at 2015 HEP DART in Maui, HI)  Summary:  This study evaluated the performance of a novel prototype plasma separation card composed of a polysulfone separation membrane and absorbent collection pad allowing the separation of cellular components and collection/stabilization of plasma at ambient conditions.  
  • Low-Level HIV RNA Declines Over Time in CSF but not in Plasma (Presented at 2013 CROI in Atlanta, GA) Summary:  This study assayed CSF and plasma samples from ART-treated individuals using an assay capable of quantitating HIV RNA to 2 cp/mL to determine the correlates of low-level HIV RNA with disease, treatment and neurocognitive characteristics.
  • Case Study: Driving Specialized Testing Through Assay Development (Presented at the G2 Intelligence MDx Conference, September 13-14, 2012)  Summary:  Charting the development of a molecular diagnostic assay for an unmet clinical need.  Describe the potential benefits of collaborative relationships with pharma and external researchers in bringing up a novel test. 
  • New HIV-1 SuperLow Assay For Viral Load Monitoring (Presented at the 2011 Association for Molecular Pathology Annual Meeting in Grapevine, Texas)  Summary:  Performance review of bioMONTR's HIV-1 SuperLow Assay for real-time HIV-1 quantitation.  The RESEARCH USE ONLY assay has a validated 95% hit rate of 15 c/mL and a reportable range of 2 to 10M c/mL.  The HIV-1 SuperLow Assay will be a valuable tool  for monitoring HIV-1 viral load and patient response in drug development and clinical trial programs. 
  • Utility of HIV-1 EQ SuperLow Viral load Testing in HIV-associated Cognitive Impairment (Presented at the 2010 III International Clinical Virology Symposium and Advances in Vaccines in Buenos Aires, Argentina) Summary:  This study assessed whether low levels of HIV in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) were associated with inter-individual differences in ART regimens and neuropsychological (NP) performance using bioMONTR's HIV-1 SuperLow assay.